The Aging Life Care Association®, as it is known today, was originally formed by a handful of visionary women in eldercare based in New York. Beginning in the early 1980s a group of social workers, psychologists, and nurses met regularly at the Manhattan home of Adele Elkind to discuss their work with elderly people in the private sector. Out of these meetings emerged their newly formed group --


40th Anniversary

For four decades, the Aging Life Care Association® has been a cornerstone in the field of aging care. Founded by visionary professionals, ALCA continues to thrive thanks to the dedication and expertise of its members. This legacy of leadership ensures a bright future. View videos with some of our founders from the 35th Anniversary. 

ALCA Timeline

For over 40 years the Aging Life Care Association® has had auspicious beginnings from the NYTimes Articles that led to the formation of the first group to expand nationally, to creating standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics, and a certifying body to advance the profession of Aging Life Care professionals.

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