ALCA’s Ask a Geriatrician Pilot Program

ALCA’s Ask a Geriatrician Pilot Program

The Doctor Is In: Exclusive Opportunity to Deep Dive on Client Issues with Dr. Leslie Kernisan, Geriatrician

Who: Dr. Leslie Kernisan, Geriatrician and Founder of Better Health While Aging. You may remember her from her presentation at the San Diego conference.

What: A unique opportunity for ALCA members to engage in in-depth problem-solving sessions with Dr. Leslie Kernisan, focusing on client issues that members are grappling with. This pilot program aims to provide valuable insights and solutions to challenging geriatric care situations.

Where: Six virtual sessions conducted via Zoom over three months

When: A three-month pilot program running from March through May. There will be a total of six 90-minute sessions:

  • Wednesday, March 13
  • Wednesday, March 27
  • Wednesday, April 10
  • Wednesday, May 1
  • Wednesday, May 8
  • Wednesday, May 22

All starting at 7p ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT

Pricing: FOR ALCA MEMBERS ONLY Special Pilot Price of just $200 per person.
A reduced rate of $175 per person for ALCA All In practice members.

Session Recordings: If you can't attend a live session, don't worry! Recordings of each session will be provided to all registrants for future reference.

Learning and Collaboration: Participants will not only receive personalized consultations with Dr. Kernisan on their client issues but will also gain valuable insights by listening to her expert guidance on fellow ALCA members' client issues and concerns.

Access to Educational Materials: Participants will have exclusive access to educational materials on Better Health While Aging, ensuring ongoing learning and development. (URL to be included in materials)

  • Client Benefit: Participants will also receive a discount code that they can share with clients who may benefit from the Better Health While Aging program, extending the benefits to their clients as well.

This unique opportunity promises to enhance your geriatric care expertise and provide practical solutions to complex client issues. Don't miss out on this chance to collaborate with Dr. Leslie Kernisan and fellow ALCA members.

3/13/2024 - 5/22/2024
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