Mastermind Coaching Groups 2024

ALCA is excited to continue offering the Mastermind Coaching Program in 2024

What is possible…if you had 10 smart business owners + an Executive Coach focused on you and your business?

ALCA is pleased to present ALCA Members with an opportunity to join a Mastermind group at a significantly discounted rate.

The existing Mastermind Groups are continuing and we are adding an additional group for 2024. The Mastermind program is led by executive coaches Gigi Blair ( and Rebecca (Becca) Pearce ( both of whom have extensive experience coaching leaders and business owners, facilitating mastermind groups, supporting ALCA members, and in healthcare.

Along with support and accountability for growing your business, in these Masterminds you will learn to:

  • Build a future based on your vision and values
  • Make data-based decisions which gives you more freedom
  • Think and operate more strategically
  • Step into your leadership with strength and confidence

However, you must be quick! Each group is limited to 10 people.

Who is eligible to participate? ALCA members in good standing who:

  • Have been in business a minimum 3 years and have at least one employee
  • Will dedicate time and energy to grow your business by attending the monthly 2-hour meetings, and commit to miss no more than 2 meetings per year
  • See the value of investing $5,500 for this 12-month transformation journey. (Note: because of the ALCA relationship, this price is well below market rate for a 12-month Mastermind.)

How does the program work?

Gigi and Becca will each lead a group for the entirety of the year, holding monthly 2 hour zoom calls at the same time each month.

Each call will cover: 

  • A business and / or leadership topic
  • Methods to grow your business-owner acumen, effectiveness, and confidence
  • Accountability review
  • Experiences and best practices from others in the group - a KEY way to learn!

We spend the year building your strategic plan. At the end of the year, you will present that plan to the rest of the group who serves as your own personal board, offering feedback and advice for moving forward.

Individual Coaching

Additionally, to support your transformation you receive a total of 3 hours of private, 1:1 coaching with your coach during the year.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
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